News update: Indians on moon and mars, K.Sivan dares to dream big

Source: IDRW

Chairman of ISRO, Mr. K.Sivan dares to dream big. In an interview, he answered some questions with very ambitious space plans.

A couple of things he said were like Elon Musk's tweets
  • "Every country, not just government agencies but even private agencies are moving towards the presence of humans in space. Now we are talking about habitation in the moon, and Mars, these are all going to happen after some time and at the time we should not be blinking, now we have to put down fundamentals so we know how to adapt to conditions."
  • "We are noticing unexpected behavior of the sun, and these changes will have a direct impact on climate change. This is at the same time our natural resources are getting depleted and our protected mechanism are being disturbed by so many issues like pollution. The net effect is going to mean the earth is not going to be conducive for human habitation."
On the other hand, these statements seemed bit too much at this stage of ISRO,
  • "It (micro gravity experiments in Gaganyaan)will change the whole medical field, everything will change"
  • "(building)a space station from which we can access the moon and other places"

News update: ISRO could have launched Indians in space in 2015 but...

Source: The Hindu

As per former ISRO chairman Madhavan Nair, ISRO could have put Indians in LEO in 2015 if only the "Political factors" (read UPA Govt. headed by INC) and ISRO "management" had shown more interest in the project.

Many ISRO engineers and managers felt being ready for this challenge since 2005 and started taking serious steps towards the project's progress, but as we all know "lack of ambition" is repetitive mistake in Indian institutions.

Thanks to current Govt. (read NDA Govt. headed by BJP) with a bold PM (Narendra Modi), this project got a serious boost and also a clear deadline of Aug' 2022 to line with India's 75 years completion since Independence in 1947.

My air/space craft & rocket model collection (part-1)

Hello guys, let me please introduce to you my air/space craft & rocket model collection.

I have a display table with three distinct parts, Left-Centre-Right (TOP surface), Left-Right (Bottom display shelves) and Center (Bottom display shelf split in two)

As you can see in top corner, my Sputnik rocket paper model with a little Sputnik satellite on top.
In the middle, HAL- LCA (light combat aircraft) "Tejas" paper model. This, now i have shifted in bottom shelf with other aircraft models.

Sputnik model has been discussed in my older posts, please do check that out!
Lets have a look at Tejas, there are many other "stuff" too in pics which i will introduce later.

You must've been interested in the submarine model there in 2nd pic above. Well its just a generic sub model not exactly as per any current subs across the world. I have shown a missile being fired from it (thus the name SSBN). Lets have a look at more of this. I "corrected" the old and messy looking missile launch.

following images are of same submarine model but long time ago when it was first built...

News update: Conflicting statements about RLV test in 2019

Source: The Telegraph

There are "Conflicting statements about RLV test in 2019" as per yesterday's TOI news and this source.

We thought that the RLV test this year is going to be a orbital/ suborbital test that includes landing of the RLV on a runway. But now we learn that it could just be a drop test from a helicopter. A chopper will drop the RLV from a height of 3 Km, onboard computers and craft's flight controls will be tested as it should land smoothly on a runway near test location (as per "space officials" who gave this info).

News update: ISRO chairman press conference highlights

Refer TOI report for details,

1. ISRO's own student's program like that of NASA student's program.

2. Fourth stage PS-4 as orbital platform for experiments-said to be first of it's kind in world.

3. No animals in test flights, only robots.
4. Test schedule is as per my last blog entry.
5. Nothing yet decided on astronaut training in Russia or France.

6. Mission postponed till April (-May?).
7. Reasons: to increase robustness, reconfigure the lander, All systems needs re-development (?), requires tests.

8. Winged spacecraft to be tested mid-2019 for airstrip landing after launch in space.

9. To be tested this year.
10. Can be made ready by 6 people in 72 hours for launching 500 Kg payload in orbit on short notice.

11. "It is very much operational", says K.Sivan.
12. Being used "for many operators including defense sector"
13. Fishermen are using it, Govt. companies are using it "to check coal pilferage and illegal sand mining"

14. NaVIC chipset for mobile patented.
15. ISRO in talks with mobile companies for this.
16. "In a year" mobile phones in india "hopefully" have this navigation.
17. Govt. "can make it mandatory" for mobile companies.


18. "ISRO TV in 6 months"

News update: Gaganyaan project schedule partially announced in press conference

AIR news (All India Radio) says that ISRO chairman Mr. K. Sivan confirms planned launch of two unmanned Gaganyaan test flights during Dec' 2020 and July' 2021 respectively before manned launch in Dec' 2021.

This info comes from a press conference held in New Delhi, so we can safely take it as an official word and not just casual mission update usually provided during interviews/ meetings which always gets delayed/postponed for very long time.

My Vostok rocket model (Airfix)- Hand painted

for video visit,

Hi guys! here is my Vostok/Luna/Soyuz scale model (Manufactured by Airfix) imported by me many years ago.
Recently i hand painted it. I know it is not well done from model building/glue-ing stuff together, up to painting it with water colors. I literally wasted such a good product. I did my best, sorry!

the following are very old pics during unpacking, preparing the model...


News update: Gaganyaan space suit (Crew Escape Suit to be precise)

As per media reports, ISRO is considering "Crew Escape Suit"- prototype for their astronauts manufactured with help of ISRO's Ahmedabad, Gujrat Lab (SAC) & a private company from Vadodara.

Crew Escape Suit is not exactly a space suit used to enter space outside orbiting spacecraft. It is a pressurized suit to be used at high altitudes protecting you if there is loss of atmosphere inside the capsule.

This suit is probably not yet finalized for gaganyaan missions by ISRO. The private company's MD said a lot about this suit's capabilities. Above image is from a technology exhibition at Ahmedabad where this suit was introduced yesterday. We need to wait for official words before jumping to any conclusions.

Best of luck to both parties mentioned above!

Read for more info:

News update: ISRO to send robots first in Gaganyaan capsule

As per media reports, ISRO plans to send humanoid robots in unmanned flights of Gaganyaan capsule as preparation for it's Human Spaceflight.

We can expect that to happen in mid-2020 and first Indian in space launched by ISRO before the end of 2021.

Head of ISRO- Mr. K. Sivan provided important information about the project that,
"the humanoid is almost ready"
"design (capsule and other systems) configuration to be frozen either this week or next (on priority) followed by material procurement and hardware testing"

Personally, i think the "Humanoid" is going to be just a crash test dummy with some extra sensors or small actuators on it's hands etc. Indian media is notorious for misleading news on technical matters. ISRO is also known to postpone launch dates, project deadlines (if any) many many times even after saying everything is running smooth.

I say, a robot is much better option than sending animals in test capsules! 

News update: Cartosat-2 captures Kumbh-mela 2019 images from space

News update: 24th Jan ISRO launch PSLV-C44 (first of the year)

As per media reports, Isro plans to launch PSLV-C44 mission on 24th Jan. 2019 with Microsat-R and Kalamsat satellites. Microsat-R is for imaging purpose (DRDO-defence) and Kalamsat is a students project. This is going to be first flight of PSLV-DL version of the PSLV rocket to serve as a low weight payload launcher. It will have only 2 strap on motors attached to its first stage.

What is more interesting about this launch is, fourth stage of rocket is going to used as unmanned space experiment platform (read Kalamsat) after it sends itself and Microsat-R in orbit.

I would like to give best wishes to ISRO on their first launch campaign of this year.

My older paper model of Sputnik rocket (YUCKKK)

Hi guys, as i promised, here is older paper model of Sputnik rocket (YUCKKK) way back in 2012.

the following images were taken during first major restoration of above mess in 2013...