News update: PSLV-C45 and Chandrayaan-2 missions

pic: PS4 stage with solar panels (concept)



  • ISRO centres began the launch assembly campaign on Monday for advanced electronic intelligence satellite EMISAT with 29 satellites on board the PSLV-C45 rocket 
  • launch to happen on March 14
  • It will be the first three-orbit mission and the first launch that uses solar panels for the required thrust (?) {"PSLV fourth stage (PS4) that uses solar panels"; what does required thrust via solar panels even mean? solar sail?}
  • After launch of the satellite EMISAT into orbit at 780 km, it will inject 29 satellites into orbit at 504 km and the rocket's fourth stage will automatically be reused to establish an orbital platform at 485 km orbit to carry out scientific experiments
  • For the first time, PSLV with four strap-on configuration has been identified for this mission. Till now, ISRO has used either two strap-on or six strap-on configuration for the mission or it was without strap-on
  • The Indian Space Research Organisation chairman, Sivan K, on Tuesday confirmed that Chandrayaan-2, India’s second lunar mission, would be launched by the end of April. Sivan told reporters on the sidelines of a space symposium at Pune(i visited this but after this news, will share the images soon) on Tuesday that the launch window was between March and April-end and the decision for the April launch had been finalized. He said, “The testing phase of the space mission is under way. We will be ready by April-end to launch the mission.”