News update: ISRO gets record sum in Budget'2019


Union Govt. Budget for 2019-20 has allocated record sum of money for ISRO. I think it has crossed 10,000 Crore Rs. line to reach 10,252 Crores (roughly 100 Billion USD) for the first time in history.

To compare, the same thing was 8053 Crores in 2017-2018 budget and 9918 Crores in 2018-2019 budget. Following table shows you some details.

The Union Minister presenting this budget, Mr. Piyush Goyal said, "The seventh dimension of our vision for the next decade aims at the outer skies. Our space programme – Gaganyaan, India becoming the launch-pad of satellites for the world and placing an Indian astronaut into space by 2022, reflect this dimension of our vision."

While thinking about this statement+ above table, i see that the current fleet of INSAT satellites are temporarily being given less focus so that Gaganyaan project and re-usability of launchers can get more money.