News update: IAM in Bengaluru to help Gaganyaan astronauts- but how?


IAF's Institute of Aerospace Medicine in Bengaluru is in talks with ISRO for providing "aerospace medicine support" to Gaganyaan crew.

Air Marshal Rajvir Singh, Director General, Medical Services (AIR) said that two meetings were held with ISRO regarding this issue. Nothing has been officially finalized yet.
Bipin Puri, Director General, Armed Forces Medical Services said, "the institute has played a crucial role in many aerospace missions, including long hours of flying of fighter aircraft in the past. Enhancing human performance and flight safety ***".


Bipin Puri-"***ISRO wants to join hands with IAM to train the crew members***".

Rajvir Singh-"The complexities of life support in space are enormous. And IAM is the only centre in the country to contribute in this direction. We are currently in discussion with ISRO to provide full spectrum of life support to the crew members of the space mission"

As per the IAM website, the institute, earlier called Institute of Aviation Medicine, had provided medical support to the Indo-Soviet Manned Space Flight programme in 1980s.



1. how exactly IAM is going to support?
  • providing only medicines and/or "performance enhancers"
  • conducting tests on candidates for issuing fitness certificate
  • helping ISRO design "life support system"
  • consultancy
  • complete training of astronauts with help of ISRO
2. what happened to earlier plans of sending crew to Russia/ France for such training?