News update: European Space Agency to launch ISRO satellite: 6-Feb-2019 (0231 IST)

Source: The Hindu (

  • GSAT-31 is ISRO's 40th communication satellite mission.
  • It will be launched by European Space Agency's Ariane 5 rocket from the spaceport in French Guiana. (Indian news outlets always say "ISRO to launch..." during each mission, which creates confusion about launch rockets being Indian or European.)
  • Mission Life= 15 years
  • Weight of the satellite= 2535 Kg
  • ESA launch mission is Ariane 5 (VA247)
  • Other passengers are: Hellas-Sat-4/SaudiGeoSat-1 (a single combo [?] of two satellites owned by Greece and Saudi Arabia- manufactured by Lockheed Martin Company from USA)
Good luck, ESA & ISRO!