News update: Design changes "may delay" Gaganyaan?

Source: ENS <>

  • "design changes required for the project might delay it further, say scientists at Defence Research and Development Organisation"
  • “While the initial proposal for India’s programme involved only two astronauts, the recent announcement that three people will be accommodate one more person, several design adjustments will have to be made” a DRDO scientist, under the condition of anonymity said
  • products of DRDO that will be used by ISRO will be the parachute for decelerating the crew module
  • "to ensure that the parachute is compatible with the new weight(associated with 3rd astronaut/'gaganaut') of the crew module. Several adjustments, such as increasing the diameters of the parachutes used or adding a new parachute", said the same guy!
is it just me or the statement by this DRDO official does not make any sense!

ISRO's human spaceflight program planning has been in process for more than a decade. They got funding for developing "basic technologies" for the same even before PM Modi's announcement last August. That is why we saw LVM/ CARE module suborbital flight test and PAD ABORT test before the announcement. I am sure that they were planning all of this considering a crew of three from the very beginning.