Military history: USA's war on terror (2001- 2014)

Hello friends, I have been collecting military & space related newspaper clippings since 2001. Yes, I was a pre-internet era kid. The image below is for representational purpose only.

I will soon replace above pic with my actual notebook photo.

The following images are related to USA's war on terror (2001- 2014) selected from my collection book. The newspaper language is Marathi. I feel very good that a complete war history has been partially documented inside my notebook.

1. year 2001- prelude to war in Afghanistan

(translation: photograph of aircraft carrier Carl Vinson of the american navy. A force of 5000 sailors and 70 aircrafts on this warship are ready for war)

2. year 2003- prelude to war in Iraq

(partial translation: american troops preparing for the invasion of Iraq at Kuwaiti desert)

3. 30 DEC 2014- End (?) of war

(translation of titles: 1. secession of struggle in Afghanistan, 2. american defeat in Afghanistan- Taliban declares its resolution to re-establish control)