Visit to Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum, Bengaluru, India- 2014

Way back in 2014 I visited Bangalore's science museum (Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum) which I have been visiting since childhood during my summer holidays.
As I have grown interest in spaceflight I really wished to see some of the models they had put up for display.
In the Pictures I have taken you can see that there are models of,
Sounding rocket used by ISRO,
and GSLV mkII.
I think they must include GSLV mkIII now as it has entered operational status.
There are models of Aryabhatta (first Indian satellite) and other ISRO satellites too.

Man! I really like last is my dream to work as a scientist/engineer in an aerospace company.

1903 Wright Brothers aircraft

INSAT satellite 

SROSS satellite

Aryabhata satellite

SROSS satellite+ Rohini satellite

Bhaskara satellite 

APPLE satellite 

PSLV 1st stage igniter (?) + ASLV Strap on nozzle (?)

PSLV Strap on solid rocket stage+ nozzle (?) 

HAL- HF-24 Marut

some older pics...