News update: This could be India's first robot astronaut

Source: (IDRW/ TNN

The weird looking "sophia" rip off called "Rashmi" could be India's first robot astronaut in 2020.

Since ISRO already said that it will send "humanoid" first and not animal during Gaganyaan test flights, Rashmi could well be the one.

The news report says that two ISRO officials have "approached" the "amateur engineer" and final decision will be taken at Isro headquarters in Bengaluru "following a review soon".

The amateur engineer Mr. Ranjeet Srivastava said a lot of cool things about his creation and few details about ISRO scientists "interviewing" the robot.

Personally I think this is just a publicity stunt by him and ISRO would never send a "out of their/contractor's lab" hardware in this mission.