News update: PM Modi on India's Moon landing, ISRO's new rocket

Source: ANI/IDRW & TOI

PM Modi said, "We will soon register India’s presence on the Moon through the Chandrayaan-2 campaign" during his monthly radio address to the nation.

He was praising indigenous space capabilities and it's usefulness.

Confirming one of the points in old news updates we learned that, "government has distributed NAVIC devices to fishermen" which indicates that IRNSS and NAVIC system is up and running (with or without full potential).

In another news, ISRO chairman K.Sivan talked to TOI about developing "Semi-cryogenic" rocket stage/engine to upgrade GSLV-MK3. This new stage would use liquefied oxygen and highly refined kerosene called kerolox (aka RP-1). I would replace current L110 liquid stage which uses hypergolic fuel. GSLV MK3 upgrade would also include it's cryogenic upper stage carry more fuel (from current 25T to 30T). It would enable the rocket to lift 6 tonnes (more than current capacity of 4T) to Geostationary orbit.

Sivan said, “The first test of the advanced version of Mk III will take place in December 2020" which i personally believe is hard to do given Gaganyaan project load.

One great thing about this report is that it clarifies our doubt and clearly says that such an important change in operational GSLV-MK3 is separated from Gaganyaan project's GSLV-MK3 rocket (shall use old stages).