News update: ISRO's reusable rocket: Our confusion

Source: The Wire

What exactly ISRO's reusable rocket be like?

Option 1: Expendable first stage and on top of it a Space Shuttle type vehicle which could glide back landing on a runway after deploying payload. A test of such system (scaled down version) is done in May'2016 called RLV-TD. The vehicle glided back and splashed down on a target area of Bay of Bengal waters. It was not recovered. The final version of RLV is expected to be a very large craft capable of deploying 10,000 to 20,000 Kg payload. It would be powered by Scramjet during descent. An active scramjet prototype was tested by ISRO in Aug'2016. It was a modified sounding rocket. 

Option 2: ISRO's ADMIRE project where first stage could land back like Space-X Falcon-9 booster. Second stage would be expendable and not to recovered after deploying payload. The reusable booster is expected to be similar to one L40 strap on of GSLV-Mk 2. No tests or prototypes till now.

Option 3: Completely reusable: A combination of above two. First stage would land back like Falcon-9 and second stage(RLV) would glide & land on a runway. Mr. K. Sivan- Chairman ISRO has confirmed about such plan this month. No tests or prototypes till now.

As per the author, for Option 2 and 3, ISRO could be targeting small satellite launch market and only Option 1 is a large scale project.

We have lot of confusion about ISRO's plans given that it is targeting SSLV, multiple versions of PSLV, Gaganyaan, Reusability, Semi-cryogenic engine all at once.