News update: ISRO's Pseudo Satellites for Navigation?

Source: ENS/IDRW

As per this report,

  1. IRNSS renamed as NavIC is a success (?)
  2. ISRO working towards Pseudolite Based Navigation System (PBNS)
  3. Pseudolite or Pseudo Satellites are ground based device
  4. this is to benefit aerospace industry, various aircrafts, drones(-their navigation)
  5. experiments are in progress
  6. this info is provided by former ISRO chairman, AS Kiran Kumar
  7. occasion was his lecture(?): ‘Indian Space Programme and Future Technologies Needed to Grounded Aerospace Activities’ ahead of 'Aero India 2019'
  8. on NavIC, he said, "an international chip manufacturer had already developed a microchip that can access global coordinates"
  9. “There is a phone in the market that uses it for navigation”, he added. More phones may follow as he hinted later

i wonder which phone was he talking about?
guy's do you really feel that NavIC is a complete success? i think its still 'work in progress'.
which "international" chip manufacture could that be?