News update: ISRO to send robots first in Gaganyaan capsule

As per media reports, ISRO plans to send humanoid robots in unmanned flights of Gaganyaan capsule as preparation for it's Human Spaceflight.

We can expect that to happen in mid-2020 and first Indian in space launched by ISRO before the end of 2021.

Head of ISRO- Mr. K. Sivan provided important information about the project that,
"the humanoid is almost ready"
"design (capsule and other systems) configuration to be frozen either this week or next (on priority) followed by material procurement and hardware testing"

Personally, i think the "Humanoid" is going to be just a crash test dummy with some extra sensors or small actuators on it's hands etc. Indian media is notorious for misleading news on technical matters. ISRO is also known to postpone launch dates, project deadlines (if any) many many times even after saying everything is running smooth.

I say, a robot is much better option than sending animals in test capsules!