News update: ISRO could have launched Indians in space in 2015 but...

Source: The Hindu

As per former ISRO chairman Madhavan Nair, ISRO could have put Indians in LEO in 2015 if only the "Political factors" (read UPA Govt. headed by INC) and ISRO "management" had shown more interest in the project.

Many ISRO engineers and managers felt being ready for this challenge since 2005 and started taking serious steps towards the project's progress, but as we all know "lack of ambition" is repetitive mistake in Indian institutions.

Thanks to current Govt. (read NDA Govt. headed by BJP) with a bold PM (Narendra Modi), this project got a serious boost and also a clear deadline of Aug' 2022 to line with India's 75 years completion since Independence in 1947.