News update: Indians on moon and mars, K.Sivan dares to dream big

Source: IDRW

Chairman of ISRO, Mr. K.Sivan dares to dream big. In an interview, he answered some questions with very ambitious space plans.

A couple of things he said were like Elon Musk's tweets
  • "Every country, not just government agencies but even private agencies are moving towards the presence of humans in space. Now we are talking about habitation in the moon, and Mars, these are all going to happen after some time and at the time we should not be blinking, now we have to put down fundamentals so we know how to adapt to conditions."
  • "We are noticing unexpected behavior of the sun, and these changes will have a direct impact on climate change. This is at the same time our natural resources are getting depleted and our protected mechanism are being disturbed by so many issues like pollution. The net effect is going to mean the earth is not going to be conducive for human habitation."
On the other hand, these statements seemed bit too much at this stage of ISRO,
  • "It (micro gravity experiments in Gaganyaan)will change the whole medical field, everything will change"
  • "(building)a space station from which we can access the moon and other places"