News update: Gaganyaan space suit (Crew Escape Suit to be precise)

As per media reports, ISRO is considering "Crew Escape Suit"- prototype for their astronauts manufactured with help of ISRO's Ahmedabad, Gujrat Lab (SAC) & a private company from Vadodara.

Crew Escape Suit is not exactly a space suit used to enter space outside orbiting spacecraft. It is a pressurized suit to be used at high altitudes protecting you if there is loss of atmosphere inside the capsule.

This suit is probably not yet finalized for gaganyaan missions by ISRO. The private company's MD said a lot about this suit's capabilities. Above image is from a technology exhibition at Ahmedabad where this suit was introduced yesterday. We need to wait for official words before jumping to any conclusions.

Best of luck to both parties mentioned above!

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