News update: Chandrayaan-2 launch by April end- K.Sivan

Source: TOI

  • ISRO chairman K.Sivan confirmed Chandrayaan-2 launch by April end
  • he told this to press on Tuesday on the sidelines of Space Symposium at Pune
  • the decision of launch has been finalized
  • testing phase underway, will be ready by april end
  • around 3290 kg weight of the spacecraft
  • budget: 800 crore INR (approximately 112 million USD)
  • director of physical research lab, Mr. Anil Bhardwaj gave a presentation on Chandrayaan-2 at the symposium
  • orbiter would circle the moon "on a 100 km high orbit"
  • report mentions 3D mapping of lunar geography, studying composition of rocks, exosphere, testing new technologies for "future missions"