My air/space craft & rocket model collection (part-5)

Hello guys, lets continue with next edition of my older blog entry titled "My air/space craft & rocket model collection (part-4)".

Today we are going to see my " Hasbro G.I. Joe Skystriker (F-14 Tomcat)" and some old (repeat) aircraft models collection. By "old" i mean, before they were modified in one way or another as you can see them again in my older posts.

1. Hasbro "G.I. Joe" "Skystriker" jet:

 I will explain that white "LCA tejas" prototype soon...

2. Maisto "Tailwinds" collection:

In addition with some made in china toys...

3. Two "New Ray- Sky Pilot" models with a made in china F-16:

4. Old (Test prototype) vs New (Operational) "LCA Tejas"

5. Aeroplane toy into "Saudia Airline"