My air/space craft & rocket model collection (part-1)

Hello guys, let me please introduce to you my air/space craft & rocket model collection.

I have a display table with three distinct parts, Left-Centre-Right (TOP surface), Left-Right (Bottom display shelves) and Center (Bottom display shelf split in two)

As you can see in top corner, my Sputnik rocket paper model with a little Sputnik satellite on top.
In the middle, HAL- LCA (light combat aircraft) "Tejas" paper model. This, now i have shifted in bottom shelf with other aircraft models.

Sputnik model has been discussed in my older posts, please do check that out!
Lets have a look at Tejas, there are many other "stuff" too in pics which i will introduce later.

You must've been interested in the submarine model there in 2nd pic above. Well its just a generic sub model not exactly as per any current subs across the world. I have shown a missile being fired from it (thus the name SSBN). Lets have a look at more of this. I "corrected" the old and messy looking missile launch.

following images are of same submarine model but long time ago when it was first built...