LCA tejas: History: Newspaper clippings

Hello guys, I will be showcasing here my old newspaper clipping of HAL LCA 'Tejas'.

1. Date: someday between 4 Jan 2001 and 6 June 2002
Newspaper: Unknown from India
Language: Marathi
Translation: (Title) Second test for light combat aircrafts soon
(Details also mention that HAL trainer aircraft and NAL 'Saras' transportation aircraft will have test flights too in near future.)

My comments: LCA number KH-2001, a Technology Demonstrator TD-1 vehicle, First LCA(4 Jan 2001) to fly is shown in the image. This news could be few weeks before TD-2 maiden flight(6 June 2002) or could be about second flight of TD-1. It is a sad state of affairs that even after so many years, these projects are still in development phase. To see that how optimistic the news seemed that day, only break your heart what actually happened in years after that.

2. Date: 8 June 2003
Newspaper: Unknown from India
Language: Marathi
Translation: (Title) Completion of a dream
(Details: An interview with Mr. S.C. Lakkad (IIT Powai- Director(?)))

My comments: It is an interview with discussion revolving around Tejas decelopment, 1998 nuclear test, various sanctions after that, need of LCA etc. It could have happened between LCA TD-2 flights and  Prototype Vehicle PV-1 maiden flight (25 Nov 2003).